Topic #3: The Process of Sent 6:7

There are two options for training. The first process takes one month – Steps 1 and 2. It’s suggested for all those who follow Jesus. Becoming a CoJourner is a process to equip every believer to initiate everyday gospel-conversations. You will also become familiar with PURSUE (also in a web-based app version that you can find here) which helps build the right foundations of faith, the Word, and community in every follower of Jesus. 

The second process takes 12 months – Steps 1-4. It’s suggested for all leaders who want to mobilize the church to multiply the church on the frontiers of mission. 

Here is an overview of the Sent 6:7 process (refer to the 3+1 chart below for more information):

    • Step 1: Becoming a CoJourner training (a 2.5-hour session, plus three weeks of application)

    • Step 2: A Check-In meeting of accountability and fellowship (a 1.5-hour session)

    • Step 3: Evangelism Movements and Sent 6:7 PURSUE – foundations for growth training (2-4-hour session)

    • Step 4: Sent 6:7 – LAUNCH – preparing to lead (11 sessions) and Sent 6:7 – DEVELOP – peer-coaching among leaders (12 sessions to be used in coaching circles and/or self-directed study)