Step 1: Thursday June 2, 7:00- 9:00pm

Application: First Fridays, June 3, 7:00- 8:30pm            

Step 2: Saturday, June 3, 9:30- 11:00am


9101 Nall Ave, Prairie Village, KS 66207

Cost: $15 

Becoming a CoJourner focuses on motivation, theology, tools and training for conversational and comprehensive evangelism. This training is comprised of interactive sessions, experiential learning, self-discovery, and both mentoring and on-line community opportunities.


As our culture radically changes, old forms of evangelism can create an obstacle to the gospel – for the church planter, missional leader and marketplace Christian alike. Studies suggest that the general state of evangelism today is weak among followers of Jesus. An increasing number of pastors, leaders and church-planters have seen the need to bring good and effective evangelism thought, tools and motivation more broadly to the Church. Picture a growing movement in church after church of Jesus’ followers engaging in spiritual conversations regularly with non-believers where we live, work, learn and play!


Becoming a CoJourner focuses on motivation, theology, tools and training for conversational and comprehensive evangelism. This evangelism training is comprised of interactive sessions, experiential learning, self-discovery and both mentoring and on-line community opportunities.


  1. Identify and address barriers to modern day evangelism—theological, social, cultural and practical. 
  2. CoJourners—a spiritual journey based equipping paradigm for conversational evangelism with practical explorer tools—to help believers engage effectively with others. These tools have been tested and proven around the globe through our international partners: “Sometime”, “Your story”, “Soularium”, “How Love Responds”, “Life in the City”, digital, short film and artistic resources, “Story of the Soul”.
  3. The Three Modes of Evangelism (community, natural, ministry)—which make up the framework for comprehensive evangelism movement planning.
  4. A special session for pastors and missional leaders to help them think and lead comprehensively regarding evangelism’s role in the Church—inspiring their hearts and deepening their theological and practical embrace of evangelism.