We serve the well-being of the city by mobilizing the church to win-build-send as city engagement pathways are pursued.


Cru Church Movement is a partnering movement for the following reasons:

  • For God’s glory (1 Corinthians 10:31; Habakkuk 2:14)
  • Partnering is the call of God to work together as the body of Christ (Acts 2:42-47; John 17:20-23; Philippians 1:3-6, 27; Ephesians 4:1, 1 Corinthians 12:12) — we’re fulfilling a mission, not building an organization
  • Partnership promotes humility, generosity, and broadens our scope of influence (Philippians 2:3-4)
  • The world is watching — our unity contributes to them seeing and knowing Jesus (John 17:20-23)
  • To bring a smile to the face of Jesus by demonstrating the unity He prayed for in John 17

* Ray Bakke, Regent’s Chair and Acting Academic Dean, Bakke Graduate University, Seattle, WA


1. Foundational Beginnings:

  • Understand the heart motivation and calling of the other
  • Listen for burdens that make them weep, pray and pound the table and what future they envision
  • Is there theological, ministry philosophy and personal unity?


3. Complementary Contribution/Roles (RESOURCES/IDEAS/PRACTICES)

4. Common Goals (STRATEGIC PLAN)

5. Confirmation (GOD ANNOINTS – trust is built, God is experienced)



We hold the following values as essential for effective partnership:

  1. Trusting relationships
  2. Unselfish humility—each partner has something to give and something to learn
  3. Common vision and compelling goals
  4. Complementary contribution
  5. Commitment to action


Through different collaborations (E.G. – Finishing the Task, Mission America, Church Planters Leadership Fellowship, Table 71, Vision 5:9, CoMission, Youth at the Threshold of Life/Crossroads, City Gospel Movement Team, Project AERO, Jesus Film Partners, the Worldwide Student Network, Evangelicals and Catholics Together, etc.), we have recognized there are varying kinds – or levels – of partnerships.  All are needed and respectable.  Understanding and affirming the levels of partnership greatly aid unity within the Body of Christ and help us channel our strategic limits well.

  • Speaking well of and verbally supporting the other entity, while agreeing that we are better apart than together.
  • The most overlooked ingredient to maintaining unity in the Body of Christ is at this level. We should always bless what Jesus (the Head of the Body) sovereignly leads!  We can do this by speaking well of, praying for and pointing others to these other entities – other churches, other agencies, other divisions within the same agency.
  • Getting together with other entities and leaders to know and pray for each other. The desire and goal is to build friendships, while learning more about and from each other.
  • EXAMPLES: prayer alliances, pastors groups, periodic meetings/seminars sponsored by other entities, etc.
  • When the potential of our combined efforts serve to accelerate a shared vision, groups come together and share some resources with each other for an agreed upon goal.
  • Each organization, church, division or agency maintains their own identity.
  • EXAMPLES: Pray together, understand each other’s priorities and ethos, share strategies/resources, and pursue some efforts together.
  • When aligned friends/groups combine their efforts, and in some cases, their identity, in order to fulfill a new mission – a shared mission – because they recognize that they are better together. The mission is developed among friends as they see something new is needed. All agree that no one partner could do this without the other(s), and so the combination of their efforts serve a new mission.
  • The groups come together to plan, organize and work together, and heartily share resources with each other for agreed upon goals. Partners bring the best of what they have to offer into the collaboration and create a new missional entity (whether a formal 501c3 or not), with a new leadership model. The need for neutrality in leadership demands a new structure at this level as well.

Practices of High-Level Collaborators include:

  • Shared leadership
  • Shared strategic planning
  • Agenda and decision making are made together
  • Lots of communication
    Prayer and the Word creating a humble, learning environment
  • Bringing your best forward and leaving your ego behind
  • EXAMPLES: Mission America, The Co-Mission, Table 71, FTT, GACX, Elevate KC, Vision 5:9

Ingredients for High Level Collaboration – Level 4

  • Relationship first.
  • Everyone has needs, something to give and something to learn.
  • Full disclosure – tolerating each other will sow seeds of distance and disunity.
  • Honor all at all times publically and privately.
  • The mission is important – it’s what brings us together.
  • Rich diversity with one voice and one plan – creating & determining the way forward together.


God is doing a unique work in our day. Kingdom leaders are gathering tohear the voice of need in our cities, to allow God to burden them and to build trust and dream together. They unite so as to take collaborative action – all to advance the mission of Jesus Christ as we meet the cities deepest needs and show that Jesus and His gospel are better than anyone can possibly imagine!

A conviction guides those moving toward strategic collaboration: “The Church’s resources for impact are lost due to lack of broader networking, better communication and lack of an effective plan.  We must come together to do something great in the power of the Holy Spirit – to advance the Kingdom and bless the city – something we could not do apart from each other.”  Leaders become convinced that they need to synergize to wield their collective influence. Men and women find their cause and live out God’s purpose in unity with others. In networks they pray, dream and make plans, asking:“What is God’s vision for our city? Where is His love unknown? Where has His Gospel not gone? What does He want us to do together to bless the city?  How can we unite to remove the shadow of evil’s darkness?” 

Conveners are committed to connect, collaborate with and catalyze Kingdom citizens, leaders and resources to plant multiplying churches, and create Gospel impact initiatives in each domain of the city. Therefore, we will support, join and help develop multiplying churches, pastors, church-planters and conveners who bring Kingdom leaders in a city together. Our hope is to accelerate strategic collaboration to make Jesus known, multiply the church and serve the well-being of the city.  We’ll join with others to call Kingdom citizens to Jesus, to each other and to the city, so that every man, woman and child may know His Gospel, experience His love and enter a discipleship relationship that encourages them to follow Christ wholeheartedly.


IDENTIFYDiscover churches, entities, networks, denominations who want to partner

ASSESSAssessment the church-planting lead and launch team

RESIDENCY & COACHING—(6-24 months) Training with relevant, practical, comprehensive plans and tools for evangelism, disciple-making, and community engagement

RESOURCES—Tools, Administrative help, Funding, etc.

LAUNCH TEAM DEVELOPED—NOTE: Profile and Size of Team is Immeasurably Important



Promote City Gospel Movement initiatives — inspiring and mobilizing city movements toward church-planting, evangelism and multiplying discipleship, as they pursue love-in-action initiatives