The Outrageous Promise is a riveting story of the inception and growth of a movement that is inexplicable apart from the creative and redemptive power of God. It is a rich and inspirational drama of transformation in the lives of hundreds of thousands of people in the most surprising and unlikely of circumstances. This powerful narrative will encourage you and stretch your vision of what God can do when we live in full dependence on Him.

—Dr. Ken Boa 
Author, President and Founder of Reflections Ministries

How quickly we forget. Some of us grew up intimidated by the 'Domino Theory' fearing the atheistic, anti-Christian Communist tsunami would engulf the free world. Behind the Iron Curtain, Christians were victims, seldom able to be proclaimers in brutal Eastern Europe. Who would have thought an amateur team of American and Hungarian young people could be utilized by God to make a Communist nation give honor to the Lord Jesus? What a story of harvest by unlikely servants who were ignorant of what God could NOT do! Reflecting throughout The Outrageous Promise will instruct and bolster you to take on the 'Goliaths' assigned to you by the Lord of the Harvest.
 It certainly did that for me re: today's challenge of the Muslim World.

—Rev. Dr. Greg Livingstone
Founder, Frontiers Associate Director, 
World Outreach of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church

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The Outrageous Promise is a true story showing how God changes the course of history through ordinary people of faith. As the story unfolds, God’s love for those who suffered under communism is clearly evident. The outrageous promise of Jesus in John 14:12-17 comes alive in the story of two men from two different cultures who joined together to walk over a threshold once an unusual door was opened for them.

God led a ministry team down a uniquely blessed path resulting in two curriculums being used in public schools in the former communist-atheist nation of Hungary and caused thousands of church and mission leaders to work together in an abundant harvest that continues to this day,  after the door flung open in 1994. Hundreds of thousands of students have heard the Gospel in public classrooms through, the accredited curriculum in Hungary written by the authors of The Outrageous Promise.

It is also a story of the impact made through the united efforts of an unusual partnership involving the National AIDS Coordinator of Hungary, along with multiple missionaries, university students, campus ministries and churches.