We connect people to Jesus through meaningful, conversational evangelism that is wise, gracious, open and clear.


As our culture becomes distant from its Judeo-Christian roots, old forms of evangelism can create an obstacle to the gospel. Wouldn’t it be great if we could connect people to Jesus through conversational evangelism that is wise, gracious, open and clear?

Our equipping resources include coaching and follow-through. Each resource incorporates what we’ve learned from our partners in 192 nations — biblical theology, essential principles for developing a church and Cru’s best practices in evangelism, discipleship, leadership development and team building



Life in the City

Life in the City is a questionnaire that gauges people’s spiritual temperature, creates opportunities for spiritual conversations and connects them to opportunities to serve. BELOW YOU CAN EXPERIENCE THE ONLINE VERSION OF THE LIFE IN THE CITY QUESTIONNAIRE.
As God’s people, we must understand His heart for the city and understand what cities need from His people. Our response as Christians to the needs and troubles of the people in the city will reflect what is most on the heart of Jesus. This tool will help you connect to people and bring them closer to the systemic problems of the city.​

Digital Tools – A Safe Place to Explore Questions about Life and God. addresses people’s pressing questions while giving our friends reasons to begin a relationship with God. More than 1,700 people every day from many nations find Christ through it!

Story of the Soul

Story of the Soul is an interactive coffeehouse experience where we explore stories the soul tells through the arts. We utilize paintings, film, poetry and music in a 80-minute event. The training for this can be explored at another time.

Jesus Film App

One of the most effective strategies used worldwide is the Jesus film media app. The app has media in over 1700 languages. Our library of Jesus-centric videos includes content in more than 1,500 languages — all designed to assist you in introducing people to Jesus and helping them to grow closer to Him.


provides 50 original photographic images and 5 simple questions – allowing you to enter and explore the lives of people around you. Images connect deeply with our emotions and experiences, they enable us to engage in meaningful conversations about life & God.

“Story of the Soul” (SOTS) is an interactive outreach experience connecting students to a story you’d like to share – the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

SOTS is a conversational journey in a coffee house-like setting.  The Gospel is shared after considering stories the soul of man has been telling for eons through:

Film – Music – Classic Literature – Pop Culture – Poetry – Artwork – History

SOTS is sweeping university campuses worldwide, and is being used in many different contexts, venues and ministries.

SOTS will equip you to use 10 different “Story of the Soul” outreaches and help walk you through our creative design process.  You will soon be able to create your own outreaches relevant to your audience and culture.