Sent 6:7 is our training-coaching process to equip people to build and multiply the local church, faith communities, and discipleship groups, so that every follower of Jesus has a place for connection, growth, and equipping. 

Steps 1-3 emphasize exploring where others are on their spiritual journey, taking the initiative to share the gospel, and celebrating changed-life stories–  developing a culture of normalizing evangelism.

Last month, we began a new, national training cycle with 42 pastors and missional leaders from across the U.S. Celebrate with us what God is doing as we step out in faith!

Matt (PA) was getting some work done at a local coffee shop when he felt that the Holy Spirit was asking him to borrow a pen from a man working nearby. Not wanting to interrupt, but wanting to be obedient, Matt approached the table and saw something interesting. He asked, “What are you reading?” The man was happy to share that it was a book written by an Islamic philosopher in the 14th century, who was questioning whether God was closer to man than what Islam typically taught. Since he was open to continuing their conversation, Matt was eventually able to talk through how the Incarnation brought God into man’s story to redeem us!

Daniel (AZ) went to see his chiropractor. He desires to get to know his doctor better and eventually share the gospel with him. Daniel said, “I’ve known you for ten years and we’ve never sat down together. Would you want to get together soon and talk about life?” His chiropractor immediately said, “I’d love to!”

Dave (OH) began witnessing to Rafe who is painting his house. Rafe shared that on his way to Dave’s house, he had prayed, “Lord, you’ve got to show up in my life!” Rafe told Dave that he wants to understand God better, and they are making plans to study John’s Gospel.

We are partnering with the International Missions Board (IMB) to help map people group data in order to better motivate & mobilize the Church to reach the diaspora in the US harvest! 1 in 7 people in the US today are  foreign-born.