In the Book of Acts, the following were constantly recorded from the ministry of the Apostles and the early church:

  1. Gospel engagement: conversations, preaching, broad-sowing
  2. Multiplication through evangelism and discipleship
  3. Training & Leadership Development – establishing, equipping, enlisting, empowering
  4. Geographic expansion through partnership of a growing number of leaders
  5. New churches planted; new faith communities formed
  6. Stories of evangelism, changed lives, healing and transformation
  7. Well-being engagement and impact

The list above influences what we’ll measure and record, so that we will be faithful stewards of our calling and mission.

Please note, these reports are primarily for you as a staff member. However, if you are in close enough relationship with a disciple, volunteer or partner to send this report, please do – we’d like to know these stats as it will help us to gain understanding of our broadest impact through Kingdom partnerships. Please, do not stress over getting other people’s stats.

Step 1 of 6 - Reporting period and personal information

  • Do not select the current month. You report your previous month's ministry activities. (For example, if you submit your report in February, then select January as you report your January ministry activities.)