Topic #1: How to start your ministry as a CM staff?

As you start your ministry make sure you go through all the Sent 6:7 Step 1-4 trainings. But in the meantime do the following:

First, try to set up a meeting with a pastor or ministry leader.

Ask good questions about their mission, vision, direction and listen well to understand their reality. Use this interview tool (titled: Mobilizing Leaders Toward Multiplication) to discover where they are and how you can help.

Watch Joseph Butlig’s testimony as he has developed and used this interview tool.

Second, host a Becoming a CoJourner training.

This document walks you through the process to become equipped for hosting a Becoming a CoJourner workshop. It also contains a link to the various versions of Becoming a CoJourner, including the scripts and Powerpoint slides, where available.

Third, start a Sent 6:7 Launch or Pursue Group

Read How to start a Sent 6:7 Launch Group. This tool is designed to be a guideline to help anyone who would like to start a Launch Sent 6:7 group. An accompanying video further outlines the process of getting started.

Watch Jason Keel’s story from Atlanta how he has developed and used this tool.

Fourth, Start Movements Among Existing Churches

How to start movements among existing churches? This tool provides lists of tips and best practices for starting a movement in an existing church.