Topic #4: Our 3 + 1 Focus

The “3 + 1” Focus diagram illustrates the THREE audiences we are focusing on and the ONE metric we seek as an ultimate outcome. As CM staff and ministers of the Gospel, we focus on three audiences:

  • The Lost – We connect those far from God to Jesus
  • The CoJourners – We help every follower of Jesus normalize sharing the Gospel and making disciples
  • The Mobilizers – We partner with pastors, missional leaders and church-planters 

all to increase capacity and confidence to multiply faith communities.

Our 1 metric: we focus on multiplying new missional groups within churches and church-planting movements. We help develop leaders from the harvest, to take the church into the frontiers of the harvest.  Our contribution to these efforts is in partnering to bring good & effective evangelism tools and strategies broadly to the Body of Christ and in training missional leaders for a process of multiplying discipleship. We accomplish this as coaches who are developing increasing streams of influence and as practitioners who have a local, personal ministry.