Topic #6: Church Movements’ History

Church Movements U.S. began in 2017 and has its roots from Cru City and Global Church Movements. This overview not only expounds on the the goals and vision of the ministry, but also gives an brief overview of Church Movements history:

Who we are

One of seven CITY strategies: 

  • Arts & Culture
  • Christian Embassy
  • Church Movements
  • Cru Military
  • Embark
  • Leader Impact
  • Neighbors

We represent the vision and mission of Global Church Movements (GCM CCCI) in the USA with a strong dotted line relationship – we have a coach, resources, and global connections for resources and for missions. 

Roots from Two Other Cru Ministries

In 2011, Cru City was home to five gates (now called “Strategies”), reflecting the places people entered into or engaged in life, work, play, and worship in cities. Our “gate” called Conveners (2012- 2017),  partnered with organizations in the public, private, and social sectors. They focused on “upstream” issues faced by global cities, while providing support through our core DNA of evangelism, discipleship, and leader development. 

U.S. was added to Global Church Movements in 2017. Cru City became the platform where Church Movements took root, replacing their Convener gate. 

In 2017 – 2018, Church Movements went through a season of prayer and listening to assess, shape and clarity. The focus was to build a team, strategize, and organize. 

From 2017 – 2019, a key survey was presented to 100 pastors, church-planters and biblical scholars from about 35 American cities. The result of that survey is what shapes Church Movements today in creating the Mission & Vision, Strategic Objectives and Core Contributions.

Please, take time to read the Executive Summary of the survey that we did with 100 leaders.