Topic #3: CM Metrics and Reporting System

  1. Each month by the 5th all CM staff are required to fill out an online report form.
  2. These reports are primarily for you as a staff member. However, if you are in close enough relationship with a disciple, volunteer or partner to send this report, please do – we’d like to know these stats as it will help us to gain understanding of our broadest impact through Kingdom partnerships. Please, do not stress over getting other people’s stats.
  3. You’ll receive a reminder from Scott Neel with a link to submit your monthly report.
  4. Don’t worry about putting zeros. We understand that each staff’s ministry is at a different phase.
  5. The link for the online report is:
  6. Please, download this PDF version of the report to familiarize yourself with the questions we are asking. If you have questions, please, don’t hesitate to discuss that with your trainer.