Topic #1: Church Movements Organizational Structure

Church Movements leadership is given through

  • Executive Directors,
  • a National Leadership Team,
  • and an Advisory Board.

The interactive staff map: Staff Geographical Map & Leadership shows all current staff and leadership, along with where they serve in the U.S. Click a state or city on the geographical map to see all staff within that area. You can also click a staff member’s name to show their location. (Click again to reset the map for any search.

In addition to the groups that give leadership to Church Movements, there are also  organizational groups that exist:

  • Regional Directors 
  • Cohorts – Group of staff members within the same region to meet for encouragement, connection, and support.

Who is my Cohort leader? Who is my Position Focus leader? Who is my Regional Director? Who is in my cohort? Who is my Concur approver?

To answer these questions, go to the interactive map: Regional Model and watch this short video for instruction.