Topic #7: The job of Church Movements staff

Partnering Church Catalyst

Most CM staff serves as Partnering Church Catalyst. This is the job description of a Partnering Church Catalyst.

Role Summary

Partnering with local churches to connect people to Jesus, develop missional leaders, multiply the church, serve the city, and encourage extraordinary prayer.

We have a 3 + 1 focus: 1) We connect those far from God to Jesus (the Lost); 2) We help every follower of Jesus normalize sharing the Gospel and making disciples (the CoJourner); 3) We partner with pastors, missional leaders and church-planters (the Mobilizer) – all to increase capacity and confidence to multiply faith communities.

We have a 3 + 1 focus: we focus on three audiences (mentioned above): the Lost, the CoJourner and the Mobilizer.  Our 1 metric: we focus on multiplying new missional groups within churches and church-planting movements. Our contribution to these efforts is in partnering to bring good & effective evangelism tools and strategies broadly to the Body of Christ and in training missional leaders for a process of multiplying discipleship. We accomplish this as coaches who are developing increasing streams of influence and as practitioners who have a local, personal ministry.

Role Responsibilities

  • Add value and support to the Church through our core offerings:
    • Connect people to Jesus through contextualized evangelism
    • Develop missional leaders to live on mission where they live, work, learn, and play
    • Multiply the church to multiply communities
    • Partnering to Serve—we partner for Kingdom impact by promoting well-being initiatives—inspiring and mobilizing city movements toward church-planting, evangelism and multiplying discipleship, as they pursue love-in-action initiatives.
    • Encourage Extraordinary Prayer—we seek God, asking Him to empower us as we advance the mission in unity 
  • Seek out, discover and cultivate partnerships with the local church and church leaders to advance the mission of Jesus
  • Make sure all plans and specific job responsibilities are aligned with Cru leadership and honor the partnering church.
  • Partnering to serve the city with others in the Body of Christ to solve problems (collaborate), lift the burdens of the city and create opportunities for multiplying the church (mobilize/send).
  • Help leaders lead comprehensively regarding evangelism’s role in the well-being of the city.
  • Help develop leaders, coupling our training efforts with outreach and service opportunities.
  • Act upon and evaluate our Cru metrics (E.G. – gospel engagements, # of trainings, engaged disciples, Multiplying disciples)

Role Qualifications

  • Spiritual maturity – demonstrated walk with the Lord and evidence of the Spirit-filled life
  • Passionate – heart for the gospel and advancement of the Kingdom of God in partnership
  • Partners well inside and outside of the organization
  • Demonstrated ability to collaborate with a diversity of leaders, cross-cultural communication skills
  • Strong written and oral communication skills
  • Capable of adapting to a variety of cultures
  • Entrepreneurial – willingness to think outside the box and take risks
  • Ability to take initiative and create opportunities within relational networks
  • Capacity for living and ministering in their communities

Reporting Relationships

  • Position Focus Leader 
  • CM City Team Leader (in some cities)

Closely Relate To

  • Co-Executive Directors, Church Movements, Cru
  • Regional Directors
  • Cohort Leaders
  • Chief of Staff