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Welcome to the Cru Church Movements Orientation course. This course helps you to learn the mission, burden, vision, objectives, processes, tools and resources of Cru Church Movements. Our objective with this course is to prepare you to be effective as you serve as CM staff. Through this course you’ll learn how to start and maintain a fruitful ministry.

Much of this course is self-directed. It is very important that you read through everything, visit every link referred to in the modules, and watch every video. Your CMO trainer will be there for you to answer any questions after you finish each module.

At the end of each module you’ll find a simple quiz. Those quizzes are there to help you learn the most important concepts in Church Movements. After you filled out the quizzes, you and your trainer will get an email with the results. Each module (except Module 6) is considered finished once you have filled out your quiz.

We hope this will serve you as a great resource you can return to for ideas, tools and best practices as you start your ministry with Church Movements.

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