Topic #4: Strategic Planning Template

Cycles for Strategic Planning and Evaluation:

  • In September, discuss and get input from your Position Focus (PF) leader for the current PF year.  This is your Initial Conversation.  
  • January is the Mid-Year Position Focus review. Celebrate goals achieved and discuss any adjustments that need to be made to your plan.
  • By the end of May, complete the EOY Position Focus review and begin to create preliminary strategic plans for the following PF year, including SWOT.


  • Keep it simple, brief and strategic as you consider the stage of development you are in.
  • Contextualize your plan. Recognize the audiences you are currently engaging and move toward engaging all three – Lost, CoJourners, Mobilizers.
  • Be specific (by whom, by when, what results you want). Are your goals doable?

CM’s Vision: WBS contextualized to city, partnerships, team situation

Desiring that every man, woman and child know the gospel and experience the love of Jesus through vital, multiplying communities, our vision is three-fold:

  • 1,000,000 Missional Leaders Developed and Deployed  →
  • 160,000 Faith Communities Established and Thriving →
  • 160,000,000 Far from God Reached for Christ 

3 + 1:

As CM staff and ministers of the Gospel, we have three audiences:

  • connecting those far from God to Jesus (Lost)
  • helping every follower of Jesus normalize sharing the Gospel and making disciples (CoJourners)
  • partnering with pastors, missional leaders and church-planters to increase capacity and confidence to multiply faith communities (Mobilizers)

We have one overall metric – multiplying faith communities and churches. We help develop leaders from the harvest, to take the church into the frontiers of the harvest.  

An enduring priority for us in CM is to accelerate the multiplication of leaders who are envisioned, confident and capable to multiply both leaders and the church. We train, coach and resource to that end.

Let’s plan. Use this link to access the CM Strategic Planning New Template. Make a copy for yourself in your personal google drive before you would edit this template.