Topic #4: Cohort Meeting Template

Not all of the following can be accomplished in every meeting, but the desired outcome of our Cohorts should cover these 3 areas and effectively fulfill these purposes:

  • INVEST IN EACH OTHER – “team” together, know one another, share stories of walk, life and ministry; empower one another through prayer, a listening ear and counsel
  • INCREASE OUR MISSIONAL EFFECTIVENESS – pursue mission together to multiply disciples who multiply faith communities of people who live the Prayer-Care-Share lifestyle “out there” where we live, work, learn and play – among our oikos – those we do life with!
  • ADVANCE OUR LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT – learn together individually and corporately through personal and organizational pursuits
    Duration: 2 Hours Meeting

When you are to meet: monthly in February, March, May, June, August, October, December (All Staff Calls in: January, July, September, November).

Here you can access the Cohort Template with the topics listed from Sent 6:7 DEVELOP.