God is on the Move!

...so that Christians can see the real Jesus!

In the past two months, Church Movements has had the privilege of training 401 pastors, lay people, church planters, and mission leaders at online and in-person training events. Almost 50% of those trained in Sent 6:7 are pursuing new inroads to ministry in cities all over the world. Sent 6:7 – a disciple-making process to equip people to multiply faith communities – is at the core of all our training.

Each training is followed-up with an invitation to join a peer-coaching circle to encourage those we’ve trained to begin new missional communities. These communities are typically either disciple-making groups/communities or church plants.

We are seeing over 60 new group leaders engaging in new ministry to their cities, neighborhoods, and peer networks. One group has leaders in it from Chicago and Wichita (pictured above), but also from Brazzaville, Republic of Congo. Huy and Sean are helping to re-purpose their mega-church’s community groups – wanting them to become house churches filled with multiplying disciples that reach out and love their communities to Christ.

Simon longs for churches in the Republic of Congo to multiply. He believes that micro churches – or house churches – allow for greater encouragement, effective outreach, and better, interactive Bible study “so that Christians can see the real Jesus.” He speaks with conviction and joy about how life-on-life accountability causes deeper fellowship and interaction so as to help people follow Jesus more closely. When we share prayer requests in our coaching circle, Simon always says “we need more leaders, open doors and for every leader to practice the training faithfully, because that’s what it takes to be fruitful.”

Together, Simon’s growing team plans to host Sent 6:7 – type trainings in 10 regions in his country. Imagine leaving your home for almost a month to see that leaders are raised up to take the gospel forward! Just last week he hosted a training for 25 new leaders from Ouesso, Pt. Noire and other cities of Congo, and also from neighboring Gabon.
Please pray for Simon, Sean, Huy, Jason, and Donald, as they make plans to reach many for Christ, start new groups, and plant new churches. And pray for coaching circles all over the USA to yield more and more fruit. 

God is Moving All Around the U.S.

Sent 6:7 is one of the paradigms that we use to create multiplying faith communities. Jason and Abbie Keel have such a heart for doing just that in their city. God is at work in the lives of five college students that Jason took through Launch training recently. These five guys had 62 Gospel conversations and one salvation over 10 weeks during a pandemic! We can’t wait to see how many more people they share their faith with going forward and how many discipleship groups they start!

The Keels, Georgia

Thanks for Joining us for Awakened

What do our cities need from an Awakened Church?

“Sometimes doing something beautiful for Jesus feels like waste to the world,” began the last session of our series Awakened: What the city needs from an awakened Church. Sometimes, when we step out in faith to worship or serve Jesus, we wonder if we’re wasting our time, talent, or money; we are not. Through the course of 4 sessions, our online gathering of about 70 people were challenged by ideas like these:

We are often in danger of framing our unwillingness to pour out our lives at Jesus’ feet in practical, moral, or even spiritual terms (Matthew 26: 6-10)
God has given the Church his love and power, but we lack the will to be transformational
When you have a culture of discipleship, all of a church’s hope, service, teaching, and outreach don’t have to come from the pastor
Our speakers came from a variety of experiences and ethnicities, but all encouraged us to follow Jesus, influence culture, and love the Church in profound ways.